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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where is HALEIGH????

Its been way over a month now, and Haleigh Cummings is still missing..noone seems to have a clue as to who took this child or if she wondered out by herself into the night (which I doubt since everyone including her bio mom says she was afraid of the dark.) This case is driving me nuts, on several levels. You have a father who really seems to love his daughter but who has a 17 year old girlfriend who seems (in my oppinion) to be hiding some important info. such as who she may have been hanging out with the night little Haleigh dissapeared. Videos of her on tv smirking while speaking of her engagement irked me in the wrong way, she has a step-daughter missing and she claims she loves her if haleigh was her own but keeps smirking the whole time, this smiling in all her tv appearances really makes me think something is up with her. I would be completely loosing my mind and balling like mad if my child (or any child close to me) was missing. I have found Im not alone in this oppinion, many people are suspecting something is off about her story, not only the inconsistancies, but the whole timeline thing too, who gets up to pee at 3am??? and then claims she just happened to find haleigh missing and then calls 911 only AFTER the boyfriend (haleighs father) comes home. And what perp will break into a house not knowing if someone was home or not? Im thinking if it was a perp then it was a perp who knew her or the dad and knew they would not be home.

And also I watched Art Harris's (who Im in love with btw lol) vidoes on artharris.com and that creepy ol trailer that belongs to the ex marine give s me the creeps. well I should say its not so much the trailers but the underground hog (pens) everyone keeps talking about, which are apparently these underground bunker type places which I think should be checked out much more thoroughly. I keep leaving messages on arts website telling cobra (a private i) to check this out more because it would be a perfect pedophiles place to hold a child, like weve seen so many other pedos do.

Anyway, Who here believes that misty had something to do with this dissapearance or knew someone who may have taken this child? Ill post a poll to get the skinny on what people think.