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Saturday, June 6, 2009

For Nevaeh....

Another dead child, probably at the hands of another sex predator...when does it ever end??? Im getting sick to my stomach with this...I am so angry I hope when they find the creep who did this that I can afford to go to the jail where he is and give him a piece of my mind!!! Im going to start studying sex predators who are self admitting so that I can look into why they do the shit in the first place!!! I should have made that my experiment in college instead of ADHD, I have kept my wish to one day become a private eye, and hope and pray that I am as good as William Staubs..I will find these creeps! I am hoping legislation is created to keep these guys locked up forever, how many times does a child have to go missing or die before something is LEGALLY done!!! They should all have gps monitors on for the rest of their lives, since everyone knows you cannot rehabilitate a sex offender, This poor child Nevaeh never had a chance, her mom let her roam outside with no supervision and then someone swipped her up!!! I am watching my four year old little girl now on the deck as she play s in the yard and I swear if anyone ever tried to swipe her they would not have arms and hands or legs left to ever do it again!!! I fear enrolling my kiddies in school this year as I cannot homeschool anymore...I hate the fact that I would have to leave them to others devices all day, not knowing if the gym teacher will touch one of them or if the bus aide will silently pull them aside one day, I better stop now...But this is just too rediculous...something needs to be done!!!! What do we have to do now protest??? im getting ready too!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where is HALEIGH????

Its been way over a month now, and Haleigh Cummings is still missing..noone seems to have a clue as to who took this child or if she wondered out by herself into the night (which I doubt since everyone including her bio mom says she was afraid of the dark.) This case is driving me nuts, on several levels. You have a father who really seems to love his daughter but who has a 17 year old girlfriend who seems (in my oppinion) to be hiding some important info. such as who she may have been hanging out with the night little Haleigh dissapeared. Videos of her on tv smirking while speaking of her engagement irked me in the wrong way, she has a step-daughter missing and she claims she loves her if haleigh was her own but keeps smirking the whole time, this smiling in all her tv appearances really makes me think something is up with her. I would be completely loosing my mind and balling like mad if my child (or any child close to me) was missing. I have found Im not alone in this oppinion, many people are suspecting something is off about her story, not only the inconsistancies, but the whole timeline thing too, who gets up to pee at 3am??? and then claims she just happened to find haleigh missing and then calls 911 only AFTER the boyfriend (haleighs father) comes home. And what perp will break into a house not knowing if someone was home or not? Im thinking if it was a perp then it was a perp who knew her or the dad and knew they would not be home.

And also I watched Art Harris's (who Im in love with btw lol) vidoes on artharris.com and that creepy ol trailer that belongs to the ex marine give s me the creeps. well I should say its not so much the trailers but the underground hog (pens) everyone keeps talking about, which are apparently these underground bunker type places which I think should be checked out much more thoroughly. I keep leaving messages on arts website telling cobra (a private i) to check this out more because it would be a perfect pedophiles place to hold a child, like weve seen so many other pedos do.

Anyway, Who here believes that misty had something to do with this dissapearance or knew someone who may have taken this child? Ill post a poll to get the skinny on what people think.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caylee Anthony's Memorial...

What an incredibly sad day! Watching the memorial of slain toddler's grandparents making their sad speeches just ripped my heart out! How awful for the this family to go through this! I have posted on many message boards about this case and I have always refrained from bashing the grandparents as so many other posters do...who are we to fault them for loving their daughter no matter what she may have done, I was watching Jane v. Michell (sp?) today on the news and she said it best...that in 99 percent of cases the parents WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT their children, what made me mad was that you have all these posters saying I would never defend my daughter if i knew she killed my grandchild but most are completely wrong, they would absolutely do that, Ive seen it all around me where a parent will be in complete denial of their child doing any wrongdoing so for those who would say "I would never act like that" they are fools, maybe one out of 100 would not but most certainly would defend their child because they know there is a chance she could go to the chair!!! I love hearing most people say they wouldnt do that but they would, Jane Mitchell had it right, they would defend their child in order to avoid the death penalty, look at all the murderers out there whos parents defend them! I have NEVER ever studied a case where the parents did not defend their child, well maybe a few but that was already AFTER the person admitted to doing something wrong. even still they did not want them getting the death penalty! so Ill post a poll on here, how many would you defend your child in a same situation? DONT LIE....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jonbenet's Case REOPENING!!! YEHHHH!!!

I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am that this case is going to be open again! For years and years and years Ive waited to here that news. I am certain that I will be up many a nights again looking to see what investigators are discovering. This was the start of it all, the start of my demise into true crime, I call it a demise because it takes a lot out of me to read all of this gory stuff and energy because Im up half the night doing it! I get no time during the day so night is my time to play, yes I know this rhyming is gay....lol. Anyway, anyone else think the Ramseys are guilty? I certainly do, there is in my my mind NO WAY an intruder...

-broke into a house with not a single piece of his dna anywhere.
-wrote an obscure 3 page ransom note with the pen and pad of paper found in the home, then carefully placed the pen and pad back on the table where he got it from...thats really rediculous.
-spent hours in the house with no one waking up, finding his way around a home that would take a map to figure out!!!
-left through the window grate in the basement without making any noise or breaking the spider webs the police found still attached. (as lou smitt would have us believe)
-lets not forgot the PRIOR sexual abuse that the coroner said jonbenet suffered, that would have meant this perp had access to jonnieb before the night of the murder, which is stated in the autopsy report "cronic" abuse, that means injuries prior to that night!!!

which leads me to my current theory that someone in the home was sexually abusing her. Now heres the really messed up part about all this, I really do not think Patsy would do that although one never knows, but everything I read about her all seems to make her seem like a really good person, she was clever, witty, funloving, and even when she was balding from the chemo she took off her wig and showed children her bald head, never lost her hope or sense of humor, I dont know I just think I see a lot of good in Patsy, and the other thing that leans me more towards John, was this, if Patsy killed JB I would have thought it was an accident, well looking at the skull fracture (you would know that that was no accident!) It does not take an expert to look at that pic and figure that one out! And why would Patsy have hit her on the head on purpose? I dont believe she would have angered and lashed out with an object like that, maybe with her hands, but not with an object! Parents in a fit of rage dont hunt for a flashlight or some sharp object to clunk their kids in the heads with, at least most of them. Although I must admit is seems from the Ransom note that Patsy might have written it and was almos warning john in the part where it says " john dont try to grow a brain" "dont think that killing will be difficult" or whatever...it almsot seems like she is threatening him to shut up I dont know. What are your oppinions on this case?

Caylee Anthony

This tuesday will be the memorial for little baby Caylee, this was not the first child who propelled me into a life of staying up late and studying true crime, that gift was from Jonbenet Ramsey. (next topic). Poor little Caylee Im pretty sure (in my own oppinion that is) that the mommy did her in, either unintentionally suffocating her to death with chloroform (they found really high levels in her system) or purposely who knows. What I am unsure of is Why??? Why. why. why? would she do it. Being the psychologist that I proclaim to be NOT haha(studied the subject long enough, have a degree in it though) I am assuming she definately has antisocial personality disorder combined with possibly dissociative disorder. What I am dying to know is why??? what caused her to act this way? Was Cindy (her mom) controlling her dauthers every move? Was she given enough attention as a child? Was she being abused somehow? Its so hard to believe after looking at her childhood photos, that she grew up so evily. I dont know.

Another question I have about this poor baby is where is this childs father??? I have heard rumors that the police know but as I just said they are RUMORS. Casey the mom, It seems like she saw quite a few men so Im not sure if she even knew. Then there are the rumors that it was her brothers child which is really far fetched if you ask me, but one thing is for sure, if it was one of the men in the family, that would sure explain a lot right??? anyway, take a look at the pictures of Caylee next to Casey's former friends boyfriend JP Chatt, all you need to do is google this and youll find the pics, the resemblance is COMPLETELY UNCANNY!!!! It would make perfect sense since JP was her friends boyfriend, why would she want to tell her friend that she slept with her man right??? but to me, Im surprised if she does know who the daddy would be since Im almost sure she would have went after the man for child support, there is only 3 reasons why a momma doesnt identify the father,

-some type of abuse or rape...

-doesnt know

-or is ashamed or afraid because of another girl/reason.

I cant see any other reasons why she would not let on to that fact.

So what are your oppinions on this???