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Saturday, June 6, 2009

For Nevaeh....

Another dead child, probably at the hands of another sex predator...when does it ever end??? Im getting sick to my stomach with this...I am so angry I hope when they find the creep who did this that I can afford to go to the jail where he is and give him a piece of my mind!!! Im going to start studying sex predators who are self admitting so that I can look into why they do the shit in the first place!!! I should have made that my experiment in college instead of ADHD, I have kept my wish to one day become a private eye, and hope and pray that I am as good as William Staubs..I will find these creeps! I am hoping legislation is created to keep these guys locked up forever, how many times does a child have to go missing or die before something is LEGALLY done!!! They should all have gps monitors on for the rest of their lives, since everyone knows you cannot rehabilitate a sex offender, This poor child Nevaeh never had a chance, her mom let her roam outside with no supervision and then someone swipped her up!!! I am watching my four year old little girl now on the deck as she play s in the yard and I swear if anyone ever tried to swipe her they would not have arms and hands or legs left to ever do it again!!! I fear enrolling my kiddies in school this year as I cannot homeschool anymore...I hate the fact that I would have to leave them to others devices all day, not knowing if the gym teacher will touch one of them or if the bus aide will silently pull them aside one day, I better stop now...But this is just too rediculous...something needs to be done!!!! What do we have to do now protest??? im getting ready too!!!!