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Saturday, January 23, 2010

God Please Bring Haleigh Home!

It has been almost a year now. Where is Haleigh???? Finally the girl that could hold the answers is in jail. Along with ronald and tommy (hank jr) and a few other unsuspecting characters. I still almost feel bad for Ronald, I wouldnt wish loosing your child on anyone. I do not think he has a clue about what happened to his daughter. I think he just has his suspicions and is sticking close by misty to find answers. Although now that they are separated, Im sure some answers should come out of this, misty s attorney is telling her not to talk, well if she doesnt start talking she could spend almost her whole life in prison. NOT fun at all. I hope this does not happen, she is young and full of mistakes but its still time to turn her life over to God and realize that the road she is traveling on is the highway to hell.

Once the idea of spending much time in jail has past, maybe she will talk, hopefully. Then get herself the help she needs to change her life. Same for Ronald and Tommy and the whole crew. It frustrates me to no end that there could be more than a few people that know what happened that night and not ONE is talking, i would never think they could pull that feat off, but apparently I was wrong. I really believe there was a party that night, and since more than one person was saying misty was NOT home, then I tend to believe that to be true, WHY would two separate people make up something that serious.

Plus there is this issue with naynays car, why would naynay have to put her car in a junk yard? what was she trying to ditch the car for? I have questioned this on blogs but I dont think anyone really knows except whats been reported in the media. I follow Art Harris's blog for the latest on the Haleigh case, and I watch Nancy every now and again, I get sick of hearing about Tiger Woods though, WHO REALLY CARES how many women hes been sacking, there are missing kids out there that NEED OUR HELP!!!

I wonder if LE has questioned Amber brooks and if they have, has she checked out? Not that she would have done anything to Haleigh, but maybe she knows something since she is involved in the NayNays car situation. Im glad she is in rehab and getting the help she needs, maybe shell come out talking when she finally realizes the implications of knowing anything in the case, especially if she is in any way an accomplice. I dont know if she does though, hard to tell, but I would bet she would rat on misty in a heartbeat if she had nothing to do with this. maybe not though for fear of Ronald.

And then there is the poor mom, who has nothing to do with all this craziness other than she is her birth mom and got screwed over by Ronald in court. Im sooo glad she has butterbean back at least now he has a chance at life. I am hoping she gets little Jr. tested for drugs in case he was drugged to go to sleep (as I believe Haleigh was). All these posts are my oppinion only!!!

Please God after all this time, let us find dear Haleigh!!!