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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Caylee Anthony

This tuesday will be the memorial for little baby Caylee, this was not the first child who propelled me into a life of staying up late and studying true crime, that gift was from Jonbenet Ramsey. (next topic). Poor little Caylee Im pretty sure (in my own oppinion that is) that the mommy did her in, either unintentionally suffocating her to death with chloroform (they found really high levels in her system) or purposely who knows. What I am unsure of is Why??? Why. why. why? would she do it. Being the psychologist that I proclaim to be NOT haha(studied the subject long enough, have a degree in it though) I am assuming she definately has antisocial personality disorder combined with possibly dissociative disorder. What I am dying to know is why??? what caused her to act this way? Was Cindy (her mom) controlling her dauthers every move? Was she given enough attention as a child? Was she being abused somehow? Its so hard to believe after looking at her childhood photos, that she grew up so evily. I dont know.

Another question I have about this poor baby is where is this childs father??? I have heard rumors that the police know but as I just said they are RUMORS. Casey the mom, It seems like she saw quite a few men so Im not sure if she even knew. Then there are the rumors that it was her brothers child which is really far fetched if you ask me, but one thing is for sure, if it was one of the men in the family, that would sure explain a lot right??? anyway, take a look at the pictures of Caylee next to Casey's former friends boyfriend JP Chatt, all you need to do is google this and youll find the pics, the resemblance is COMPLETELY UNCANNY!!!! It would make perfect sense since JP was her friends boyfriend, why would she want to tell her friend that she slept with her man right??? but to me, Im surprised if she does know who the daddy would be since Im almost sure she would have went after the man for child support, there is only 3 reasons why a momma doesnt identify the father,

-some type of abuse or rape...

-doesnt know

-or is ashamed or afraid because of another girl/reason.

I cant see any other reasons why she would not let on to that fact.

So what are your oppinions on this???

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