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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jonbenet's Case REOPENING!!! YEHHHH!!!

I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am that this case is going to be open again! For years and years and years Ive waited to here that news. I am certain that I will be up many a nights again looking to see what investigators are discovering. This was the start of it all, the start of my demise into true crime, I call it a demise because it takes a lot out of me to read all of this gory stuff and energy because Im up half the night doing it! I get no time during the day so night is my time to play, yes I know this rhyming is gay....lol. Anyway, anyone else think the Ramseys are guilty? I certainly do, there is in my my mind NO WAY an intruder...

-broke into a house with not a single piece of his dna anywhere.
-wrote an obscure 3 page ransom note with the pen and pad of paper found in the home, then carefully placed the pen and pad back on the table where he got it from...thats really rediculous.
-spent hours in the house with no one waking up, finding his way around a home that would take a map to figure out!!!
-left through the window grate in the basement without making any noise or breaking the spider webs the police found still attached. (as lou smitt would have us believe)
-lets not forgot the PRIOR sexual abuse that the coroner said jonbenet suffered, that would have meant this perp had access to jonnieb before the night of the murder, which is stated in the autopsy report "cronic" abuse, that means injuries prior to that night!!!

which leads me to my current theory that someone in the home was sexually abusing her. Now heres the really messed up part about all this, I really do not think Patsy would do that although one never knows, but everything I read about her all seems to make her seem like a really good person, she was clever, witty, funloving, and even when she was balding from the chemo she took off her wig and showed children her bald head, never lost her hope or sense of humor, I dont know I just think I see a lot of good in Patsy, and the other thing that leans me more towards John, was this, if Patsy killed JB I would have thought it was an accident, well looking at the skull fracture (you would know that that was no accident!) It does not take an expert to look at that pic and figure that one out! And why would Patsy have hit her on the head on purpose? I dont believe she would have angered and lashed out with an object like that, maybe with her hands, but not with an object! Parents in a fit of rage dont hunt for a flashlight or some sharp object to clunk their kids in the heads with, at least most of them. Although I must admit is seems from the Ransom note that Patsy might have written it and was almos warning john in the part where it says " john dont try to grow a brain" "dont think that killing will be difficult" or whatever...it almsot seems like she is threatening him to shut up I dont know. What are your oppinions on this case?

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