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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caylee Anthony's Memorial...

What an incredibly sad day! Watching the memorial of slain toddler's grandparents making their sad speeches just ripped my heart out! How awful for the this family to go through this! I have posted on many message boards about this case and I have always refrained from bashing the grandparents as so many other posters do...who are we to fault them for loving their daughter no matter what she may have done, I was watching Jane v. Michell (sp?) today on the news and she said it best...that in 99 percent of cases the parents WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT their children, what made me mad was that you have all these posters saying I would never defend my daughter if i knew she killed my grandchild but most are completely wrong, they would absolutely do that, Ive seen it all around me where a parent will be in complete denial of their child doing any wrongdoing so for those who would say "I would never act like that" they are fools, maybe one out of 100 would not but most certainly would defend their child because they know there is a chance she could go to the chair!!! I love hearing most people say they wouldnt do that but they would, Jane Mitchell had it right, they would defend their child in order to avoid the death penalty, look at all the murderers out there whos parents defend them! I have NEVER ever studied a case where the parents did not defend their child, well maybe a few but that was already AFTER the person admitted to doing something wrong. even still they did not want them getting the death penalty! so Ill post a poll on here, how many would you defend your child in a same situation? DONT LIE....

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